What’s the difference between Lease and Exclusive Beats?

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The difference between Lease and Exclusive beats is basically the limitation of the beat use agreement between the buyer and the beat maker or producer.

Lease has limitations depending on the price, it will allow the buyer certain rights like how many single or album sales can make, how many commercial uses and if the instrumental can be use on YouTube. On the other hand, Exclusive give full rights to the buyer.

Leasing Rights

Nowadays, it’s very common to find four kind of leasing rights licenses. One important thing to know is leasing beats don’t transfer you the ownership of the beat and it will be for sale after your purchase.

Mp3 Lease, Wav Lease, Premium Lease and Unlimited Lease are the type of leasing rights running in all major beatmakers websites.

It’s a great option for artist who are starting their careers and they don’t have access to big amounts of money. I think this is the best choice for people who are working in mixtapes or beginners albums. Buyers will receive a high quality mp3, wav or trackouts depending of which lease they buy.

It’s cheap and a nice solution to develop artists projects.

Exclusive Rights

This is the best option for serious projects and people who need unlimited control to the sales, where to use the beat and no limitations. It grants you the ownership of the track.

After purchasing a exclusive beat, this instrumental will be no longer available to purchase for anyone. Beat makers and producers remove this beat from their catalog.

Why is more expensive? First, because there are no limitations on the use of it and second because you get full rights on it.

They always comes with an special agreement and all the files ( .mp3, wav, trackouts ) in high quality format for proper studio mixing. This last point is very important if buyers want to have the best mix for their tracks.

Summary – Differences between Lease and Exclusive Beats

Leasing Rights Pros

  • It’s cheap.
  • Great choice for beginners and advanced artists.
  • Choose the kind of lease depending of your sales forecast.
  • Quality – Price.

Leasings Rights Cons

  • The beat is still available for sale.
  • It’s not exclusive for you.
  • Limited use and sales.
  • Depending of the license maybe buyer can´t use on Youtube.

Exclusive Rights Pros

  • You get the sole ownership of the beat.
  • You get the best quality files for professional mixing.
  • Beat can not be longer sold to anybody.
  • Exclusive product.
  • Full rights, unlimited use.

Exclusive Rights Cons

  • It’s more expensive.

I must to remind something very important, buyers must give credit to the beatmaker or producer always, it doesn’t matter which kind of rights they buy, credit it’s an obligation in the agreement.

I hope this article will help you to clarify the difference between lease and exclusive beats.

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