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January 29, 2019
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February 8, 2019

What is a PRO and How important is for your Music Career

What is a PRO (Performance Rights Organization) and why you need it for your music career? Learn more in this article.

Hi guys! This week I’m going to talk about Performance Rights Organization and why do you need one to develop your music career.

First, I’m going to explain what is a PRO and what they do.
PRO are agencies, who are in charge of collecting the royalties of the use of the music, in behalf of songwriters and publishers.

In other words, every time your song is being played in any streaming platforms, it’s generating royalties. Every time your song is being played in any live gig or concert – it’s generating royalties. After you sign up with any of these agencies and after register your music with them, you allow them to collect this money in your behalf.

Who pays money to Performance Rights Organization? There is a license called ‘blanket license‘. Every public place (like restaurants, pubs…), every radio and TV and every venue is paying a blanket license which allows them to play any song without being compromised for copyright.
How the blanket license works depends on the country, normally they pay a monthly payment.

There are plenty of PRO, you must sign up with the organization in your country.

There is so much involved in this, so that’s why is very important for your career, you can generate more income due to royalties.

What about this? My PRO is in Europe, do they collect my royalties worldwide?

The answer is yes. They have agreements with other organizations in different countries – to be able to collect the money anywhere.

It doesn’t matter if you have a record deal or not, if you are performer or songwriter, registering with a collection society it’s mandatory.

I’m registered with BMI, it’s totally for free and focus in the United States market. I will make another article about how to register with this PRO.

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Thank you! and I will appreciate your feedback, be free to leave a comment below!

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