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December 4, 2018
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December 12, 2018

Streaming is increasing the Music Business Revenue

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It’s been long since CDs and radio were the main source to listen to the music. Streaming platforms have became the favourite choice for users to listen to the music, what has increased the music business revenue.

After a big drop in the music business revenue few years ago, the market is experimenting an increase of the music business revenue thanks to the streaming platforms like Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer, Youtube etc.

In 2011, the global annual paid streaming music value was projects in $0,47 billions. The new statistics show that in 2020 the global annual paid streaming music value is projected in $16.42 billions. Wow! What a big difference. Besides, it will affect to all relates to music revenue like live music, record sales and royalties. Songwriters are getting more money today than ten years ago, thats a fact.

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Statistics provided by Music Business WorldWide

Music Business revenue is growing and fast. Nowadays, to record and release a record is so much easier than twenty years ago. Independent artists now can directly invest in the records, with a small budget you can build you own studio and make the recording.

Also, there are few online services where everyone can distribute their music on the main streaming platforms, for example, Ditto Music, CD Baby, TuneCore, Distrokid

In Distrokid you can pay an annual fee of $30 and release many tracks as you want.

Seems like good times are coming, in fact, it is possible that is going to be the best moment to make money with music in all history. It doesn’t mean that is going to easy, but, it’s going to be profitable.

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