Inspiring Rap Beat called In your Head
Inspiring Rap Beat ‘In your Head’ Hip Hop Instrumental
November 26, 2018
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December 6, 2018

Old School type beats ‘The Struggle’ Rap Instrumental

Old School type beats called The Struggle Header with city in the background

New beat added this week called ‘The Struggle’. An Old-School type beats with a lot of character and personality. I’ve made it using Samples that I chopped previously. In addition, I added some instruments like Piano and Brass.

You can listen to my beat in the following video:

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About Old School type Beats

Why is called Old School type beats? The reason is because the sound of the rap music during the 90s. Gangstarr, M.O.P, Dj Premier, Mobb Deep are some of the names of the 90s. Their sound was very particular and their productions counts with lots of soul, funky and R&B samples. It’s been long since that, the sampling techniques have been improved but people are still sampling vinyl. Heavy Drums and fat basses are included in this style.

To be honest, I miss this kind of beats and productions in the rap music nowadays.

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