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November 18, 2018
Old School type beats called The Struggle Header with city in the background
Old School type beats ‘The Struggle’ Rap Instrumental
December 4, 2018

Inspiring Rap Beat ‘In your Head’ Hip Hop Instrumental

Inspiring Rap Beat called In your Head

New week, new beats! This time I’ve composed an inspiring rap beat called “In your Head”. Piano, Orchestra and sampled voices. I really love this one, I think is one of my best beats ever.
What do you think?

Listen to my new beat called “In your Head”. It has been composed entirely with my keyboard and Maschine Studio. I sampled and chopped a few voice soul samples to add an extra feel, nice touch to the beat.

You can use it in your next project, if you need calm vibes, a nice beat to give a message.

Inpiring Rap Beat

If you like this kind of beat I will appreciate your feedback. If you need to listen to more beats, visit my Main Beat Page.

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Firstclass Bangers
Firstclass Bangers
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