Inspiring Piano Beat ‘Nostalgia’ Download

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Discover my latest inspiring piano beat called ‘Nostalgia’. A rap instrumental available to download and inspire your next music project.

I was thinking in the old times, when I use to play with my friends in my neighborhood, I got inspired instantly with that and the result is this beat.

An original composition with no samples, I’ve create the perfect ambient to write about some memories, give an important message.
If you have wrote a meaningful track, with lots of feeling, you should download this beat.

Inspiring Piano Beat

One of my favourite instruments is the piano, I think is very easy to guess because I almost use it in every beat I make. It make me feel comfortable when I’m composing – we can say that is one of my signatures.

I don’t make trap beats, I prefer a quality music production, something really special – with SOUL.

I hope you like this beat as much as I do, don’t forget to comment below and give me your feedback, I will appreciate it!

Listen to more beats in the main beat store of my website.

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