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January 17, 2019
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January 23, 2019

How to distribute your album?

distribute your album title

Learn how to distribute your album by your own with the following websites – It’s very easy and cheap!

Have you finished your album? Are you looking for a place to upload it and sell it? Do you want to release it for free by streaming?
There are four websites you can use to release your album online, earn money for each play!

These websites are Ditto Music, Distrokid, TuneCore and CDBaby.

Ditto Music

ditto music logo how to distribute your album

I’ve tried this one by myself and it’s working very good for me. You can join them by paying 19 pounds per year (around $25). After that, you can release as many singles/albums as you want – What an amazing deal!

One of the best thing of this site is that you will keep the 100% of all income from your streams and sales.
You can choose to stream or sell in more than 50 different shops, including Spotify, Apple Music, Itunes, Shazam, Deezer and many more.

The only bad thing I can find in Ditto Music is: They don’t have Content ID.

The dashboard is very intuitive – you can upload as many tracks as you wish for your projects.

You can distribute your album with them here: www.dittomusic.com


distrokid logo

This one is very similar to Dittomusic but in my opinion, It is much better.
The price is $19.99 per year – for this price you can release as many albums or singles as you want and keep the 100% of your earnings.

DistroKid are faster than other distribution companies and they also include your releases in more than 150 online stores – including of course, the major stores mention above.

They also have artists services like Content ID, but, you will have to pay $14,95 more per album to enjoy this service.

To see more information about Distrokid press here: https://distrokid.com/


tunecore logo

I’m client of these guys. The are a very important company in distribution around the world. Their prices are higher than the competition. You pay per album or single annually – this means that you if you have 2 albums in the stores, you will have to pay twice every year if you want to keep your albums.

You will keep the 100% of your sales and streams.

TuneCore system is ideal to distribute your album, you can navigate in their dashboard easily.

They also offer Content ID for artist for the price of $10, just one payment for life. They will take a cut of your income on this, 20% of the revenue.

TuneCore have as well a Music Publishing separate service. They will collect all the royalties when your music is played, in USA and around the globe.
The service is independent but it’s connected with your albums/singles.

The prices are around $50 per album/year (it’s cheaper than this the first year) and $10 per single.
If you are an artist with good selling albums and recognise in your city or area, go for it, it will offer you a good service.
In the other hand, if you are starting, you should go for other choices like Dittomusic or Distrokid.

Distribute your music with Tunecore


cdbaby logo

Cdbaby offers a very similar service as TuneCore. $9.95 per single and $49.95 per album. They sell in major stores and they keep a 9% of your sales. The thing is, you don’t have to pay annually per album.

In addition, they have a physical CD copies service, if you want to distribute your album.

Cdbaby offers Content ID and Social Networks video earnings included with your payment.

To be honest, I don’t like their website, it can be quite confusing sometimes.

To distribute with CD Baby click here.

I hope you find out this article very helpful. To see more articles like this visit my blog section.

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