East Coast type beat ‘In the Streets’ Download Instrumental

east coast type beat in the streets tunnel parking with a guy

Hi! I’m really proud about my decision to make just Old School Beats and to begin with that, I made this east coast type beat called ‘In the Streets’.

This beat contains piano samples (cleared from copyright), 90s drums line and I add on it Brass, Strings, Organs and an amazing Bass.

East Coast type beat

They received the name because the style rappers were doing in the east coast of United States in the 90s decade.
New York, Bronx… are some of the cities were this particular style has born.
If you are looking for Old School type beats you can find them in my main page.

I hope you like this amazing beat as much as I do.
Don’t forget to comment below and give your feedback!

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Firstclass Bangers
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