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Behind Freestyle Beats

When we talk about freestyle rap, we are talking about improvisation. This particular style of rap consist in improvisational lyrics, with or without instrumental.

When rappers do freestyle, they don’t use any lyrics written before, they create the rhymes at the same time they are rapping.

There is not subject in the freestyle rap, as I said before, it’s about improvisation and rhyming skills. That’s why this style became more popular during the 1990s in the United States.

Freestyle Rap Battles

Rap battles were born after freestyle rap, in this stage, rappers were competing about who was better freestyler. During this battles, two rappers, 1 versus 1, were showing their skills against each other, rhyming about the competitor and his shortcomings.

These battles are raw, disrespectful, insulting, full of humor, irony and more. But don’t misunderstand me, this is all part of the freestyle game.
Normally, after a rap battle, the rivals show the respect they deserve, doing a handshake, hug or any kind of salute.

Freestyle Instrumentals

The main feature of this type beat is the speed. These beats usually runs between 85 and 92 beats per minute. They are quite repetitive without many changes, to keep the instrumental steady.

Rappers need a quite empty beat to focus on their improvisation.

You can download freestyle beats from this site or directly from Firstclass Beats Beatstars.

How to download freestyle beats

First, listen to the beats in the beat player above.

Second, choose the beat you would like to download.

Third, add the beat to the basket to purchase a license or click on the down arrow to activate the free download.

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Examples of Freestyle Rap Battles

I think all hip hop and rap fan have watched “8 mile” movie.
This was the history behind the success of “Eminem”, when he was an outstanding freestyle living in Detroit, the only white rapper competing against the idea of “only black people can rap”.

In this movie you can see proper battles on the stage, in a club, in front of the crowd. Usually, they have 30 or 60 seconds each one, divide in 3 rounds, in which the crowd or a small judge decide who wins the battle.

Freestyle rap has been always related to the Underground Hip Hop Scene, the real rap atmosphere, where people value is measure by skill and rhymes.

Get new instrumentals

If you like to download freestyle beats, you should my main catalog. I’m a professional beat maker since more than 12 years ago. I’ve worked with so many artist in every continent.

Don’t be afraid to go a step forward with your music career, investing money in your instrumentals will make your tracks sounds better.
Even if you need to download freestyle beats for your rap battles, take a look to my old school type beats.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do you get after purchase a beat license?

You will get one or more high quality audio files, depending on the license. It will be send automatically to your mail address, plus a licensing contract with the legal stuff about how to use this beat.

Are your beats original? Do you make them?

All my beats are originally made by me (Firstclass Beats). I use professional sounds and equipment to achieve this instrumental level. You won’t find the same beats in any other place.

Why do you ask me to follow you on Beatstars or Youtube? Do I really need to do this to download freestyle beats?

Yes, in exchange of the free download (with audio tag) I only ask for one little thing. I will appreciate your support to continue working in the beat making business.
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