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October 7, 2018
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October 20, 2018

What You Should Know before Buying Beats

buying beats

Are you a recording artist? Do you need music for your videos?
For sure you are familiar with the words “beats” and “licensing”, if not, I guess that you have read about them…

In this article, I’m going to explain to you about what means “Beat Licensing”, the kind of licenses you can get and all the terms related to buying beats.


What means LICENSING?

In music business, it means that the owner of the song/beat allows you(or who ever wants the license) some limited/unlimited rights to use the beat, recordings, sales, radio plays, streaming and commercial use..

What really happens with the licensing?

You will never own the beat, the beatmaker does. The beatmaker let you use the beat, but the beatmaker also can allow more people to use the same beat, because he/she is the owner of the beat. You will never own the beat by licensing beats.

There are always different types of licenses,  I’m going to give you a overview of them, it would be nice to read them if you buying beats.

Licensing about buying beats
Non-Exclusive Mp3: Normally, this is the basic and the cheapest one. It usually grants you rights to record and use it, a small number of record sales ( like 1000-3000 units), a limited streamings, no TV/Youtube allowance, only 1 commercial purpose and obviously, you will not own the beat in any moment.
You will receive a high quality .MP3 file of the beat without any tags.
This one is a nice choice if you are a new recording artist and your plan is to release a free mixtape. You can get amazing beats for low price and make your mixtape sounds better.

Non-Exclusive WAV: It applies the same rules that I mention above with a difference, you will receive a high quality .WAV file instead of the MP3. It gives you extra sound quality.
The price will be a bit higher but still affordable by everyone.

Track-outs or Premium: This license gives extra record sales, sometimes TV/Youtube allowance, extra commercial and profitable uses and the most important thing, you will receive the tracks of the beat. This means that you will receive each track (piano, bass, violin, drums,etc) separate for proper studio mixing. Some people think that it’s not worth it but to be honest, I think is the best choice for non-professional recording artist.
Mixing the tracks separate and your voice in the studio will make a huge difference in the final result of your recording.

Exclusive Rights: This one is the most expensive one. It means that the buyer gets all the rights of the beat. The beat will be no longer own by the beatmaker/producer. It comes with unlimited features but the buyer will have to give credit to the beatmaker/producer. This one is for serious artists and record labels.

Quick guide about terms

What means the following terms in licensing?

Copies/Units: These are the number of CDs, singles or download that the buyer is able to sell.
Commercial and Profitable uses: In how many different products can you use your song. It includes CDs, album, mixtapes, adverts, etc
Untagged: All the beats comes with a protection tag when you are listening to them online. After the buyer complete the payment, normally, he/she will receive the beat without this audio protection tag

Now, a quick view about Beat Selling Industry.

Beat Stores

Plenty of them on internet, they offer the artist the opportunity to get access to music productions by purchasing directly from the beatmaker/producer. The cost of it depend on the beatmaker, each beatmaker set their own prices, so you will find different prices depending on the quality and how popular they are.

At this moment, the Top Beat Store provider are “BeatStars” and “Airbit”. They are platform who offer the beatmakers the system to sell their beats to the artists who want to buy beats.
You will see around all the beatmakers websites these Instant Stores, they are totally trust worth it, so don’t worry about security.

buy beats with beatstars buying beatsbuying beats in airbit

There are so many beatmakers! Pick Firstclass!

That it’s absolutely true! there are thousands of them online, but that is a good thing, the artists have plenty of choices.
Here, in, I offer you a huge catalog to buy beats, from multiple genres and different styles. Also, Instant Store, an excellent customer service and amazing discounts.

Firstclass Bangers
Firstclass Bangers
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