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Firstclass Bangers”, also known as “Firstclass” (Jorge Pedraza) is a professional beatmaker and graphic designer from Malaga, Spain. He is the founder and the only producer at Creative, independent and hardworking, Jorge has been making music since 2005. First as a rapper and then as beatmaker. He is currently living in Edinburgh, United Kingdom and studying HND Music Business Career. Before that, He has graduated as “Music Engineer” in Barcelona, Spain.


I was born in Málaga, Spain in 1988. I grown up in a medium class family. I didn’t care too much about music until late 90s. No one in my family was a huge fan of music, to be honest, I had no one to learn or get inspired.
At the end of the 90s, I discovered Rap Music thanks to a spanish rap band called “Violadores del Verso”. I fell in love with rap and the music, a loop playing constantly that made me move the neck with the kick and snare. In 2000, I was only 12 years old, a company release a game for PlayStation called “Music 2000”. Basically, It look like an old DAW, and the purpose of the game was creating your own beat. I loved this game! I could arrange pre-made melodies and drums and make my own beats. It was very primitive, but it was very cool. That was my first contact with creative music.

After a few years, I developed very strong computer skills. In that time, I was already fan of Rap and Hip Hop Music from U.S and Spain. In highschool, I met a guy who was writing his own lyrics and he was looking for beats, besides, I was testing with a software called “Music Maker” and making some crap instrumentals, after talking for 10 minutes we made a band called “Voz Blanca

I did the job of beatmaker and rapper for 5 years. We released 2 mixtapes as a band and after I release 2 more solo mixtapes. We played all around south Spain, making a lot of gigs. After a while, I realised that Spain was a very difficult market to make a living from a Rap Band, so I decided to focus only on Beatmaking.

In 2010-2011, I moved to Barcelona, Spain to study “Sound Engineer” in Microfusa improving my production and mixing skills, gaining knowledge about music software and recording process. I got graduated and I moved back to Málaga where I couldn’t find any job related to sound engineering.

Meanwhile, I moved out from my parents house when I was 20, so with no money coming from the music, I needed to work a crappy job as a waiter for many years. I’ve work in fast food restaurants making hamburgers and stuff, doing 60 hours per week just to make enough for a living. That was exactly the time when the economy crash around the world and in my city the opportunities disappear. However, I had never stop doing music in my free time.

It was until 2014 when Firstclass Bangers (first known as Xtrembeats) was born. I got so tired, frustrated and sad about being working in a crappy job, just doing something I hate with no life, no options and no future. I decided to do something with my life, something I would like to do, to work every single day. So music, beatmaking, was the thing a love the most to do and basically the best choice I could ever made.


First known as Xtrembeats, for the first year, I have started selling beats in Soundclick and Myflashstore, building up relations and my own website. I decided to change the name to “Firstclass Bangers” because people were mistaken the name with “Streambeats” and honestly, I think Firstclass Bangers sounds much better. Because I had no money, I learnt how to do everything by myself ( Web design, Logos, Music, Social Networks, SEO, Advertisement…). Besides, I was still working in a crappy job because beatmaking wasn’t enough to pay my bills.

After 6 years in the beatmaking business, I could say Firstclass Bangers has been a successful business. I have sold hundreds of beats to people from all continents, more than 30 different countries making money to expand my equipment, software, sounds and above all… to make a living to give up the steady crappy job I had. I feel very proud about what I have achieved and there is more. Firstclass Bangers continues working every week, bringing new beats, making music articles and updating content in the Social Networks.

Nowadays, I’m currently living and studying “HND Music Business” in UK and working at

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I use Cubase 8.5 and Maschine Studio to make my beats. Also, I have the Komplete sounds collection from Native Instruments, Sylenth1, third party plugins and a huge drums library. I have an Akai MPK249 as a keyboard controller, the UR22 from Steinberg as an audio interface and KRK Rokit 5 monitor speakers.

What People says about Firstclass Bangers

  • “My first choice, very fast and serious, he inspires my music. Hard-worker and firstclass service, Thank you!”
    Rapper - Germany
  • “Very good & easy going producer! Worth to trust him!”
    Michal Jasinki
    Rapper - Poland
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    “Accommodating and reliable! I’ve been working with him for 3 years and never had a single problem! He’s the definition of professional beats and profesional service”
    Daniel Hernandez
    Rapper - Chicago
  • testimonials hip hop beats
    “From quality of the music until his passion for it he gives 100%, a gifted, versatile, hard worker and to be trusted producer, I have no doubt you’ll see for yourself!”
    Mircea Nica
    Recording Artist - London