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Artist Career: Set up your goals
January 6, 2019
3 common mistakes when recording vocals
3 Common mistakes when recording vocals
January 14, 2019

3 Amazing Plugins To Mix Vocals

Tired of looking for good plugins to mix vocals? I made a list of my best 3 vocal plugins available on the market.

Vocals, most important element in Hip Hop Music

Why vocals is the most important element in a Hip Hop or Rap track? It’s common sense, a hip hop track contains lot of lyrics, the voice is over all the track and listeners need to hear clearly the message.

Some artists take care of getting amazing beats, with an amazing mix on it but, they don’t pay attention to the vocals. The track need to have a balance between beat and vocals. If you are a hip hop recording artist you must invest in your vocals. Get a good microphone and invest in some nice plugins.

Here is my list of my best three plugins to mix vocals.

1 Maserati VX 1 – Waves ($99)

This is an all in one plugin including multi-effects for total control of your vocals.

It’s been inspired and developed by the Multi-platinum mixing engineer ‘Tony Maserati’ (Usher, The Black Eyed Peas, Selena Gomez, Beyonce…). Get this plugin from Waves.

maserati vx 1 plugins to mix vocals

2 1. FabFilter Pro-DS ($179)

This is an intelligent De-Esser which is going to help you to tame the sibilance. You can also control the harsh tones in your mix.  

fabfilter pro ds plugins to mix vocals

3 Waves MV 2 ($99)

High and low level compressor which is going to bring your vocal to the front without increasing the main volume. It has a special feature to make your vocal “louder”.

mv 2 from waves plugins to mix vocals

Between all of these I have to say my favourite is the Maserati. I’ve tried lots of plugins and I choose these 3 to make the vocal sounds amazing.

I will write a few tutorials about mixing vocals in the next weeks. Stay Tuned! I will appreciate your feedback! Don’t hesitate to comment below. See you next week!

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