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Firstclass Bangers - Beatmaker

Who is behind Firstclass Bangers?

Firstclass Bangers”, also called “Firstclass” (Jorge Pedraza) is a Spanish Beatmaker and Music Producer. He founded Firstclass Bangers in 2007, thereafter, he has composed thousands of hip hop beats and consequently, he has worked with artists from all continents.
An independent, creative and hardworking man with an overcoming attitude, he made it despite of the competition. He loves to use piano and strings in his productions. He can manage multiple music genres, mostly Hip Hop, Rap Beats and Old School type beats.

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About my Rap Instrumentals, Hip Hop Beats for Sale and music

I've been more than twelve years making rap and hip hop beats for sale. The question is, is it good to buy beats online for you?. The answer is quite simple: Yes, I'm trully sure. Why?
The music industry has changed drastically over the past years. In other words, the time when A&R and Record Labels where looking actively for new artists in the underground scene and financing unknown artists is over. At the present time, record labels only pay attention to your career if you have already a huge fan base. For this reason, you will have the build it yourself before getting success.

Get high quality sound and exclusive music for your next project. It doesn’t matter if you are working in a new album, EP, single or mixtape… It will improve your songs notably and definitely, it will make sure that looks professional. I really think that I have made one of the best places to download rap and hip hop beats, in fact, you need to remember that fifty percent of the song is the beat. In the long run, purchasing rap beats and hip hop instrumentals will grab the attention of your fans.

Firstclass Bangers has produced hundreds of instrumentals around the world, between the names you can find Edo G, Afroman, Sky Jonez, Little Pepe, Falsalarma, Cres, etc.
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A bit more about my site, beats catalog and instrumental genres

You will find a wide catalog of beats including hip hop beats, redman type beats, old school beats, westcoast, gangsta and rap instrumentals. I update this website frequently with new beats and new interesting blog articles about music business, mixing and recording equipment. You can also follow me on my social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube

My standards are very high. In conclusion, I’m fully convinced that my beats will help to develop your artist career.

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